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Why Do Some Insurance Companies Knowingly Break the Law Or Policy And Risk Having to Pay Additional Bad Faith Damages in Addition to the Value of the Claims?

There is an ongoing lawsuit in which an insurance company instructed insurance adjusters to stop paying all claims. Why they did this is not known. The insurance company claims to have lost over a billion dollars last year, but preliminary investigation is it was bad management. At this time, there’s no relevant reason these insurance companies should be losing this much money or denying a lot of these claims. We suspect it is about profit. If they deny claims, they can make more money. But we don’t know why they do what they do.

When It Comes to the Denials Or Dealing with the Insurance Companies in the First Place, Is It Important to Prove the Insurance Company Acted in Bad Faith?

Rather than showing bad faith, which is more difficult to prove, we try to show the insurance company breached the policy. There was a loss provided for in the policy that they failed to cover.

There are about 70 different things that bad faith claims can be based off of pursuant to Florida statue. But it’s very difficult to prove bad faith. In Florida over the past ten years, there has only been a handful of bad faith claims. But we always lay the ground work in case bad faith is found by filing a Civil Remedies Notice (CRN). The CRN is a notice that must be filed before filing a bad faith action. During the discovery process, our firm looks for bad faith. During the depositions, our firm scrutinizes the answers to questions in case activity or facts support a bad faith claim. We usually wind up showing how the insurance company breached the policy.

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