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Preventing Insurance Denial After Hurricane Damage

In this article, you can discover:
  • How insurance companies calculate claims.
  • The time frame for making a claim.
  • Prevent future weather-related losses.
Why Is My Insurance Company Reducing My Claim By Depreciating Items?

The resolution of insurance claims often depends on the type of policy. Policies with Replacement Cost Value (RCV) coverage allow full recovery of the cost to replace damaged items. However, Actual Cash Value (ACV) policies only cover the cost of the damaged items minus any depreciation.

For example, if a roof is damaged near the end of its lifespan, the insurance company is only responsible for covering the actual cash value of the roof at the time of damage and not the total replacement cost.

How Long Do I Have To Complete An Inventory For A Hurricane Damage Property Claim After Filing?

There is no specific deadline to complete an inventory of damaged property after a hurricane. However, insurance companies typically have 90 days to investigate claims, with the possibility of extensions in exceptional circumstances. Completing an inventory can be time-consuming, but submitting it promptly to the insurance company is recommended to expedite the claims process.

Can I Place A Claim After A Year Of Destruction?

The time frame in which a claim can be made will vary based on the policy in question. It is possible to file a claim a year after a storm event, but the time available depends on the specific policy. Some insurance policies require that notice of a loss be given within 180 days.

When To Worry About Getting No Response To A Hurricane Damage Claim?

Insurance companies must provide notice upon receiving a claim, and not doing so is a violation. Early notification is preferable because it results in a quicker claim determination. Documenting the notice’s delivery, such as through certified mail or email, is recommended.

If the insurance company ignores or fails to respond to the notice, it can benefit the case. It’s a good practice to follow up every week or so if no response is received.

Can An Insurance Company Deny A Claim If Damage Increases While Waiting For A Contractor After A Hurricane?

Homeowners are required by insurance policies to take reasonable measures to repair damage and prevent further loss after an event like a hurricane. It is advisable to secure a contractor or a remediation company’s services as soon as possible.

If the homeowner experiences difficulty finding someone to repair the damage, it is crucial to document the efforts made. Consulting with a property insurance attorney or a company that has connections with restoration companies and contractors can assist in finding someone to repair the damage and prevent additional losses.

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