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Insurance Deductible Disputes, Low Settlement Offers, & Denied Claims

In this article, you can discover:
  • How to protect your legal rights, including knowing the appropriate deductible to be applied.
  • How an insurance claim attorney can help if an insurance company offers a lowball settlement.
  • What to do if a roof insurance claim is denied due to alleged pre existing damage.
Why Is My Insurance Company’s Deductible Different Than What Is Stated In My Policy?

Insurance policies should only have two deductibles: one for hurricane damage and another for damage caused by other perils. Insurance companies may occasionally try to apply the hurricane deductible to non-hurricane damage, resulting in a significant difference in the deductible amount.

If this occurs, it is critical to contact a property insurance attorney, who can examine the policy and take the necessary steps to ensure that the correct deductible is applied. This could make a significant difference, as applying the wrong deductible can result in a several thousand dollar difference.

What Can An Attorney Do If An Insurance Company Offers A Low Settlement For A Hurricane Damage Claim?

When an insurance company offers a lowball settlement for a hurricane damage claim, a first-party insurance claim attorney can take several steps to help. They can have their own contractor complete an estimate with photographs. The insurance company will have ten business days to pay the difference, or the attorney may file a lawsuit to seek the full amount owed.

What Can I Do If My Roof Insurance Claim Was Denied Due To Alleged Pre Existing Damage After A Hurricane?

An insurance attorney can assist in determining the cause of the loss if an insurance claim is denied due to preexisting damage. The attorney can send contractors and engineers with special equipment, pull weather reports and hire meteorologists to gather the necessary information. This will aid in determining if there is a valid claim worth pursuing.

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