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Flood Insurance Claims: Navigating Disputes Over Pricing & Expenses In FloridaIn this article, you can discover:

  • How insurance companies determine payment.
  • How to navigate a pricing dispute with insurance companies.
  • How to pursue restoration of damaged property.

What Can Be Done About The Mismatch Between Insurance Company Pricing Guidelines And Actual Construction Costs?

Over 50% of our cases involve disputes over scope and pricing. Insurance companies rely on Xactimate software to determine payouts, but its accuracy is questionable. Xactimate pricing updates are based on geography and construction costs, but it may not always reflect actual costs due to market fluctuations, weather, labor shortages, etc.

Can An Attorney Represent A Homeowner In A Dispute Over Pricing With An Insurance Company?

An attorney specializing in property damage can represent a homeowner in a pricing dispute with an insurance company. The attorney can work with contractors and estimators to determine the actual cost of the damage and negotiate with the insurance company or take the matter to court if necessary.

Can An Insurance Attorney Help With Expenses Related To A Damaged Home From A Hurricane?

A hurricane dispute attorney can help. This is a common issue, and many insurance policies cover additional living expenses such as hotel stays and meals that result from a damaged home. An insurance attorney can review the policy and determine the best course of action for the homeowner.

Can Homeowners Use Their Own Funds For Home Restoration During An Insurance Claim?

Homeowners can use their own funds for home restoration during an insurance claim. This is a business decision, and there is nothing prohibiting it. However, it is important to ensure that the process is well documented with photographs and that the insurance company knows the plans to move forward with the repairs. This will prevent any potential claims of prejudice by the insurance company later.

What Should Be Done If Homeowners Complete Home Repairs Using Their Own Funds During An Insurance Claim?

If a homeowner completes home repairs using their own funds during an insurance claim, they should save all invoices and proof of payment and submit them to the insurance company for reimbursement.

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